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Ben Michaels

Morrisons have always provided me with excellent service and I really enjoy visiting my local store each week.

Before I start shopping I usually take the time to have a nice cup of tea and a scone in their cafe as it seems to set me up for my shopping time perfectly.

The food on offer as well as the odd bottle of port is very well priced and makes it much easier on a pensioners purse strings and I always get plenty for my money.

Thank you Morrisons for being so good in every way.


Adrian Latrobe

Being a massive supporter and customer of Morrisons I thought I would write you a small review on why I love visiting any of the many Morrisons stores around the country.

One of the first things I would like to mention is that Morrisons has the best cafes of any supermarket and offer breakfasts, sandwiches and all day meals at a very competitive price and they really do taste so good. The next issue I would like to mention is the selection that Morrisons have compared to many of their counterparts as they have virtually all of the latest products.

Morrisons also have some of the best deals as well such as buy one get one free and fifty percent off which enables you to get so much more for your money. They are also very cheap on price and the staff are some of the most friendly and helpful of any other food store. These are the reasons I like Morrisons and as long as they keep it up I will be sure to be back again and again.

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