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Corrine Gilbert

My daughter is mad about her fashion as she is at that age now where she wants nearly everything she sees which is becoming quite a struggle for me to keep up with financially.

I had been told by one of my friends who also has a daughter the same age as mine that Newlook always had special offers and sales on and you could get the same quality as other high street stores for virtually the same price. So with this in mind I decided to take my daughter to Newlook to see if I could persuade her to choose some clothes from the store.

When we got in there she immediately went off and within minutes was asking mum can I have this, can I have this which was great to see as the prices were much more agreeable to me. The staff were also very helpful in finding the right sizes for her and the whole experience was fantastic.

I will most definitely by using Newlook again as they have kept my daughter happy and saved me money at the same time which is just perfect.

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