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Gwenda Harlow

We recently visited Pizza Hut for a meal and found it to be outstanding.

The service was excellent and the place was very clean and the food was delicious and we had a really good time.

I will certainly be back in the future.


Mrs Wilson

I took me family for a meal at Pizzahut recently as it was my daughters birthday and she had wanted to go to the Cinema and as Pizzahut was next door to the Cineworld I decided we would visit them after we had seen the show.

I had never been to a Pizzahut restaurant before as it generally is not my thing but as soon as I walked in there I instantly noticed how clean it was and it looked really relaxing.

I Looked through the menu and was again impressed by the selection available as I had thought it would just be pizza they sold but I was glad to see I was wrong. They had a wonderful selection of pastas such as lasagne and cannelloni which has always been a favourite of mine as well as a really nice all you can eat salad bar which I took full advantage of.

The service was very good and the food did not take long to arrive and tasted fantastic and the waitress was very very good in bringing us extra drinks when required.

The only downfall was that they do not serve chips which I always like with a pizza but it was not that big a deal at all.

I cannot wait to return to Pizzahut again and will sure to be going there again sometime soon.

Mrs W

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