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Holland and Barrett

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Holland and Barrett Ltd
Samuel Ryder House
Barling Way
CV10 7RH

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Sam Hobson

I am a bit of a fitness addict and regularly visit Holland and Barrett for my fix of supplements and so on.

I always get great value from this shop and the items are some of the best I have tried over the years.

Great on price to without compromising quality.

Holland and Barrett are highly recommended by me for anyone wanting great quality vitamins or supplements.


George Vincent

Having been a body builder for many years I always strive to use the very best supplements in addition to my rigorous food consumption.

I have been using the Maxmuscle Pro Max protein powder from Holland and Barrett for almost two years now and have found it to be by far the best out of all the products they sell.

I usually buy a 2.4kg tub of the item each month which costs me £83.99 which is very good considering the quality of the product.

Its well worth trying out if you are in to power lifting or general gym work.

Highly recommended

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