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Paul Jones

I use the QVC shopping channel quite a lot really as I am forever waking up really early in the morning and cannot help looking at all the items they have for sale.

I have recently purchased a Shark 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum and Steam Mop for £99.72 and is has been marvellous both on my carpet and when steam cleaning the kitchen.

If I was you I would certainly have a look on their website or on their television channel and grab yourself a bargain.

Thanks for listening.

Lincoln Wilmer

I had never used a television shopping channel before as to be honest I had never really looked at them before but after using QVC for my first purchase I would highly recommend checking it out.

I was aware I needed a new set of knives for my kitchen for a while but had not bothered to go looking for some as with work and what have you I do not get that much time for shopping. I was lying in bed one morning after forgetting to switch my television off the night before when I started watching the presentation of a Zyliss Chop Away Knife Set and the more and more I listened to the advert the more I really liked the sound of them.

After deciding this was the set I wanted I quickly took down the hotline number and the reference code and phoned QVC to place my order.

The member of staff on the hotline was very helpful and once I had finished with my order I was told I would have the set within five working days. On the forth day after my order the knives arrived and I could immediately tell that they were of a very high quality and the blades were incredibly sharp which was perfect for what I needed them for.

I have been using them now for just over two months and they are still in perfect condition and just as sharp as when I first got them.

I am extremely happy with the service I received and the product and would recommend them to all.

Well worth the money.

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