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Renaissance Foods

Contact Details:

Renaissance Foods
Unit 15
Tremarl Industrial Estate
Llandudno Junction
LL31 9PL

01492 581 770

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Hayley Legg

Extra Fresh and Delicious Tasting Fruit and Veg.

It was delivered straight to my door the following morning i couldn’t ask for anything more.

Mark Williams

We use Renaissance for all of our fruit and veg and would definitely recommend to other like wise businesses who want quality produce.

Their veg and dairy products are always delivered to us daily in the freshest condition and we always get exactly what is ordered which is essential to us as our last supplier used to let us down constantly.

Price is very good as well and for the items that are more expensive than their competitors they more than make up for it on other items so you always end up better off.

Renaissance are very good all round and delivery an excellent service.


Jim French

I have been head chef at a local four star hotel for many years now and have tried all of the fruit and veg suppliers in the area and have found none anywhere near as good as Renaissance.

Renaissance are extremely well priced and only ever bring me the freshest vegetables each day which is just what is needed considering the high class clientèle we have in our restaurant.

The staff and delivery men are always very helpful also and if there are any times they do not have the item I need they always try and arrange a substitute for me so I am not left short which in itself is a great service.

I also like that fact that if I ever miss an item off my list or am in need of anything quickly I just need to phone them and let them know and they will do there very best to get it to me as soon as possible which is invaluable in many circumstances.

Great service, Great products and Great prices.

Top marks all round Renaissance.

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