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Daniel Footwear

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Daniel Footwear
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West Yorkshire

0113 236 9969

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Leanne Froughton

Daniel Footwear Shopping Review

The item I would like to review as well as the service of this store is the DKNY women’s bag. I got this bag as I had been having a rough time at home and at work so I thought I would treat myself to a new bag to cheer myself up.

I ordered the bag on the Friday afternoon and promptly received it on the Monday afternoon which I feel is very good service considering it was sent over the weekend.

The bag itself is worth every penny and really did its job perfectly as soon as I got it I felt so happy and it really did cheer me up more than I could ever have thought.

Many of my friends have asked where I got it from and I had no problem in telling them as for me the Daniel Footwear store is worth visiting without a doubt and I will without fail be back again in the near future.

Karren Hunter

Daniel Footwear

I have recently purchased a Armani Jeans Black Fabric Womens Messenger Bag from Daniel Footwear and it is my favourite bag ever! I never usually spend this much on handbags but thought to myself that I deserved it as I have been working very hard over the past few months so ordered it last thursday

Friday morning came and to my amazement I was awoken by DHL at 8.32am and my bag had arrived which I thought was incredible to say the least as I never expected to have it before the weekend. The bag itself is lovely and goes perfect with anything in my wardrobe as it is very lightweight and just the right size to go with everything. I am always wary about zips on bags that I have not actually handled before buying as I have had horrible luck with broken zips on bags but this one is so much better and you can tell where that extra money goes as the bag is the best quality one I have ever had.

I am so happy with my purchase from Daniel Footwear and would like to highly recommend them to anyone who wants to know.

Jasmine Friel

Daniel Footwear are quite simply one of the best Footwear supplies in the UK, by far my favourite place to buy shoes for myself and my family.

The customer service and quality of the products are outstanding.

Item Purchased – Daniel Adelfi Black Suede Womens Calf Boots

Price Paid At Time – £109.99

Delivery Time – 3 days

Website – Very easy to use

Product – Brilliant quality all round and am very happy.

Use Again – Most certainly.

Kristy Jackson

Daniel Footwear Review

I first came across the Daniel footwear site a few months back when I was looking for a new pair of walking boots and as soon as I was there I was immediately impressed with everything about it from both the price and the selection of items that they have in stock.

My most recent purchase from them was a pair of Rockport Fassler Mens Loafers which I think cost me somewhere in the region of seventy pounds which I thought was a bargain at the time as Rockport are a well known and established make.

When I first got the shoes I was not that sure if they were what I really wanted as I purchased them in a bit of a hurry but once I tried them on and viewed them with my suit I was sold to them straight away.

Daniel Footwear also deliver their orders very quickly indeed and I think on about four or five occasions I have purchased items from them I have had them at my door the very next morning which is always of great benefit.

If you asked my honest opinion of Daniel Footwear I would reply to you with only two words.

Hazel Lloyd

I am the sort of person who always buys the best of everything when it comes to fashion so I was a bit sceptical of the Daniel Footwear website when I first was told about it as I had never heard of it before which for me is usually a bad sign.

When I first visited their website I immediately knew that it was worth my time and effort as the shoes and boots they had within their catalogue were right up my street and there was so much stuff I could have easily purchased.

I settled on a pair of Albano Black Platform Wedge Sandals for my first buy as I really needed some and sat back and waited expectantly for the delivery always thinking the worse would happen.

When they arrived which I might say was very quickly indeed they were of stunning quality and top quality materials and fit me perfectly and to this day I am still wearing them and they remain as good as new.

I have returned to the Daniel website on several occasions now and they are up there with my best shoe retailers and I regularly visit the site to see what else they have in new.

Great store with great items so would recommend.

James Wilson

My son is so happy with his pair of Ash Fanta Camel Kids Trainers that I just had to write this review to let you know how happy I am with the service we got from the Daniel Footwear website.

We ordered the shoes a couple of weeks ago as we wanted to Ben to have some smart going out shoes for the Easter holidays as he was getting to that age now where fashion is beginning to play a big part in his after school life.

The first day he went out in them he came home and was very happy indeed and said all of his mates had commented on how nice his shoes were and asked where he got them from.

I have to say these are the first shoes we have ever bought him where he has not moaned or complained so we are very happy about this fact and will certainly be using the Daniel Footwear website again in the future and would certainly recommend.

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