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Mrs Cotton

All though Aldo is slightly expensive the products are most defenatley worth it.

They are probably the nicest shoe supplier in the country, they have shoes for every occasion, they do flat shoes, high heels, sandles, wedges, boots and most recently started doing handbags and accessories.

The shoes are too die for, I recently purchased three pairs of shoes from Aldo around two months ago and haven’t had one pair off my feet and they haven’t even scratched or torn, they still look brand new, best shoes i’ve ever bought!

I would highly recommend anyone who’s into good, fashionable, really good quality shoes to shop at Aldo!

Courine Hughes

I was so impressed with the item I got from Aldo that I just had to write this review in the hope that you can get great bargains to.

For a recent wedding I was looking for a clutch bag to go with my dress and after hours of scouring the internet looking for the right bag I finally came across the Aldo website and within five minutes I had found the bag I was after that matched my dress perfectly.

The clutch was a Hains which was purple in colour and cost me I think £32.00 which I thought was a great deal and I was very happy with the way it looked and that the colour matched my dress perfectly.

I ordered the bag and had it in my possession within forty eight hours which was very quick considering I had not ordered it until the late afternoon and it arrived in perfect condition.

The clutch itself is beautiful and I could not be happier with my purchase so I would recommend Aldo to all you women out there who like quality at a fraction of the usual retail price.

Nicole Couters

This review is for a pair of NEHLSEN loafers I have just purchased from Aldo.

The shoes have just arrived and they are incredibly comfortable and very well made which is what I would come to expect from such a good make.

The price I paid was well below any other store for the same product and included free delivery which is always a great bonus.

Delivery was swift and the package arrived in perfect order and was packaged very well.

I found their website to be very easy to use and was bale to order my item with as little hassle as possible.

I will be using Aldo again without a doubt.

Gregory Hilton

Last month I was in need of some new boots as my old ones had been in my possession for some time and they were looking a little tattered and if I am honest I was beginning to become embarrassed wearing them.

I visited the Aldo website which I found through the Google search engine and immediately saw the perfect new boots for me which were a pair of brown stubby boots which were priced at £125.00 which was great value for a pair of boots this good.

I got my new boots after two days from the time I ordered them online which was fantastic and the boots themselves were so much nicer than the picture which again I was very happy about.

I found the boots to be very comfortable and they were exactly what I needed and I am just so happy I found this wonderful shop online.

I will without a doubt be back again in the near future and would recommend the store to anyone.

Vincent James

The items I purchased from the Aldo website and want to review are listed below.

Blessman Mens Sandals – £60.00

Schisler Mens Boots – £74.98

Firstly the sandals are excellent in every way and much better quality than I expected and were very nice to wear during the good weather we had a couple of weeks ago. The materials they are made from are very sturdy and you can immediately tell they will last a long time which is great.

The boots as well are very very very good indeed and I am so happy I decided to buy them as I was on the wall a bit if to or not but I am really chuffed I did. They have a lovely feel to them and feel very well made and they look stunning. I would say they are the best boots I have ever had without a shadow of a doubt.

Overall I would say me experience with the Aldo website has been a great one and I will certainly be back for more in the future.

William Thomas

I took my friends advice last week and ordered a pair of boots from the Aldo website as he highly recommended it to me after previous experience using their service. I am very particular about the type of shoes I wear so was not totally sold by my friend but decided to give it a go as nothing ventured nothing gained.

I saw a lovely pair of leather Labor boots which were being sold at £100 which I thought was very good for a pair of boots of this quality so I ordered them. Three days later the boots arrived at my doorstep and were very well packaged and in perfect condition.

When I tried the boots on I could tell they were very high quality by the softness in the sole along with the solid wall foundations of the boot which were very strong. After wearing the boots for a few days I can honestly say that they are some of the best I have ever worn and are worth every penny so I am a very happy customer.

I now will gladly recommend the Aldo website without hesitation.

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