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Lorna Hoilt

First Choice Holidays is fantastic

We recently returned from our annual holidays and I just had to write a review of just how good first choice holidays really are as we had the time of our lives and the holiday could just not have gone any better.

From the moment we landed in Gran Canaria and were taken to our four star hotel we were made to feel right at home by the friendly and very helpful staff that worked at our hotel.

The hotel itself was very good indeed and the rooms and hotel in general were spotlessly clean and very modern. The restaurant and food at the hotel were great also and there was always a wide variety of dishes on offer to us and I have to say I found it so hard to choose what to eat each day as I loved the look of it all.

The hotels pool and pool area was very nice and was benefited with having a swim up bar which was a new experience for me. The hotel also offered free ice creams for both adults and kids which was a very nice thought and we sure made the most of that whilst basking in the very hot sun.

Overall we loved the holiday so much and we are so glad that we went, the staff at first choice holidays were so helpful when we wished to book the holiday and took a lot of time arranging everything we wanted and for this we are very grateful indeed.

I would award first choice holiday ten out of ten for everything and we will definitely be back again next year.

Mary Jones

Our Families First Choice Holiday Review

Just got back from a lovely holiday to Gran Canaria with the family and thought I would just make you all jelous and tell you how good this holiday was for us all as we had a brilliant time.

We had booked through First Choice Holidays to stay at the Suite Princess Hotel in Playa Taurito, Gran Canaria which was rated as four stars. The first thing I would say about this hotel is how it only has four stars is beyond me as it is the cleanest and best looking hotel complex I have ever seen and right from the word go looks like a five star hotel.

The hotel offers every facility which you could wish for which includes the use of two swimming pools, sunbeds, parasols,sauna, mini spa, massage parlours, tennis courts, games room, table tennis and the list just goes on and on and we found so much to do it was unreal.

One thing I also really liked about this hotel was that you could use the outdoor snack bars to order foods like burgers and hotdogs as well as being able to get fresh ice creams wherever you wished which was great for the kids. The room in the hotel was very nice and clean and had all the usual facilities you would expect such as a huge television, kettle, iron and ironing board. Our flights both ways were right on time and all went very smoothly with the staff being just great throughout and offering us plenty of food and drinks.

I would definitely return to this location and hotel again and would of course use first choice holidays without any hesitation as they have really done us proud with this holiday.

Dave Clintory

Our First Choice Holidays Experience

Just got back from the best holiday ever and we just wanted to thank first choice so much as they have been brilliant in every aspect of our holiday from the booking of it to the journey home.

When we first went in to our local first choice store we were pretty clueless about what we wanted as we had not had a holiday for a few years and were not even sure where we wanted to go. As soon as we entered the store we found the lady who served us to be brilliant at what she did and was ever so polite and helpful throughout and showed
a large amount of patience with us.

We were in the store for about an hour and then we had booked our holiday to Greece and we were so excited, she even arranged all our holiday insurance for us which again was a great help.

The holiday itself was exactly as we expected and even more and we had the best time ever and we would not think twice about going back there in the future.

Our journeys either way were all on time and everything went well and we could not have asked for a more perfect break so we as you can see are very happy with the service we received from first choice and will be back again next year.
Thanks again first choice.

Maria Matterson

My First Choice Holiday Review

We have been using First Choice holidays for a couple of years now as we have found them to be very good indeed in every aspect of our holidays from booking it to the quality of hotels and of course the travel arrangements.

The staff at First Choice are always happy to help and are very patient as we never know where we want to go beforehand so always require a lot of work when we enter the shop and from previous experience with other holiday companies staff can become quite annoyed by this but not at First Choice.

Every hotel we have been located in during our holidays have been lovely and are always very well maintained and clean and the rooms are exactly as described which is great. We have never had any problems with staff being moody or unhelpful either which can ruin a holiday as we have found out on other occasions again with different travel agents.

We are also always very impressed with the price we pay for these trips as when we compare them to other travel agents websites we are always quids in as they are generally much cheaper than their competitors which gives us more money to spend whilst we are away.

The staff are also very good at offering extra services such a travel insurance and so on and this can save a lot of time and effort as we can now do it all whilst we book our holiday which again is great.

If you are on the lookout for a great holiday for as little hassle as possible then I would advise you without a doubt to choose First Choice as we have over thirty years travel experience and First Choice is the best company that we have ever found during that time.

Helen Jacobs

Well we have just got back from a lovely four days in Rome and it has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish.

We left Gatwick airport at 7am on the Thursday and got back here on the Monday morning at around 8am and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

The flight was very smooth and the air staff were great and very good at setting a relaxed feel about the flight which was very good. They also ensured we were well watered and fed even though we were only on a short flight.

When we arrived we found the hotel more than great and it was very clean and very modern looking just like the brochure stated.

The area was gorgeous and so romantic and it really did set the tone for the weekend and how could I nearly forget the food was out of this world. I really have never had pizzas and pastas like that before, the taste was just amazing.

All in all First choice did us proud from start to finish and I would really recommend their service.

Colin Groves

Had a wonderful holiday through First Choice to Mexico and we were very happy with everything throughout the whole process from start to finish.

From the first moment we walked into the store we were treated like gold dust by the staff who were some of the most helpful and knowledgeable I have ever had the pleasure to be served by.

The flights and travel were organized perfectly, the hotel was of the best standard and the food was out of this world.

The whole holiday was such a pleasure to be on and I owe a great thanks to First Choice for doing such a good job.

absolutely phenomenal all round.

Jack Johnson

First Choice Holidays have given myself and the family one of the most exciting and entertaining holidays I could ever have dreamt of. We decided to take our two girls to Florida so we could take them to Disneyland and all of the other attractions and as we had used First Choice before with no problems we decided to use them again.

We booked our holiday and were helped incredibly by the staff when choosing the right hotel for the area we wanted to go to and we were very pleased with the choice they helped us make. When we first arrived in Florida we were taken to our hotel and from the first time I saw it I was very impressed. The hotel looked extremely clean from the outside and was really well kept and was right in the centre of the area we wanted to be in. When we first walked into the hotel I was surprised at just how helpful all the staff were when checking us in and showing us to our room.

The room itself was again very clean and well looked after and we were immediately at home in the environment. After we had checked in and unpacked a bit we ventured down to the restaurant to get something to eat and again I was very impressed with the choice. They had a wide variety of salads, meats and deserts to enjoy as well as offering a cooked to order a la carte menu if you so wished it. The food was absolutely delicious and we virtually licked our plates clean which is always a good sign.

The pool and additional services that the hotel offered were also of the highest standard and I could not have asked for better hotel. The holiday was one of the best myself and the family have ever had and I cannot thank First Choice enough for all of their help. We will definitely be back again next year.

Linda McGrath

I recently booked a last minute holiday for myself and my husband to Costa Dorada in Spain from First Choice holidays and was extremely impressed by the service we received. From the moment I entered the store I was made to feel at ease by the friendly staffs that were very helpful assisting me with my enquiry and helped me choose the exact holiday I wanted.

The lady who helped us was absolutely marvellous and was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the holiday and helped us not only with the booking but also gave great advice on travel insurance and what not. After have previous bad experiences when booking holidays it was really refreshing to receive such good service. Our holiday was fabulous and we really enjoyed the hotel and the area we were in and are extremely thankful for the help we received in making our dream holiday com true.

I would highly recommend First Choice holidays to whoever is wishing to make their travels abroad as they were excellent all round and I am so glad I chose them and would not hesitate to use them again.

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