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Steven Phelps

Princeton University

In my opinion by far the best University in the U.S.

I have just left Princeton university after three years and have found it to be by far the best experience of my life and I had so many experiences there that I will never forget.
I studied business law at the university and found the course to be very good in every way from the sylabus to the great tutors we had for each and every subject.

I managed to understand all I was taught with great ease and the course made use of both theoretical practices as well as a very beneficial hands on approach which helped build my confidence considerably as it opened my eyes to the way the law works within business.
There was also an extremely high amount of facilities for students during their leisure time such as swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts which helped us all to wind down after a hard day in class.

There was also a large amount of help when claiming for expenses and student loans which I was more than grateful for and there are plenty of places close by to work if you are in need of extra money to help you along.

I would not change anything about studying at princeton and am just so happy I had the chance to be there hence why I am writing this review so you can enjoy the experience to.

Phillip Hourtson

I am a former student of Princeton University so I thought I would give you a brief description of my thought for the University so it may help new students choose the right place to learn their courses.

For the whole time I was at Princeton I was made to feel at home by both the friendly students as well as the tutors. I found the lessons to be very informative and easy to follow and each aspect of the topics was studied in detail by the tutors and additional help was always offered for those of us who struggled to get to grips with any aspect of the course.

The whole place may look old and historic from the outside but the campus is very modern indeed and I could not have asked for a better place to go in hindsight.

If you want fun and excitement as well as some of the best tutors around then I would not hesitate to choose Princeton over the rest.

I hope this helps you with your decision.

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