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Bill Krouser

Yale University Review

I am currently studying at Yale so thought that my views may help anyone wishing to study at this university as being a student I am of course the perfect person to advise you.

The first thing I will say is that Yale is one of the most professional academic institutions I have had the pleasure of visiting and everything here is done exactly as it should be from the way the lessons are set out to the facilities that are provided for their students.

The tutors are very good and know exactly how to teach you every aspect of your course in the best way possible which can go a long way for the student who is desprate to learn like me.

All the facilities of the university are also very good and extremely modern from the accommadation to the leisure facilities and you can see there has been no expense spared in the creation of the campus. There is also a lot to do in the general area of the campus such as cinemas, bars and nightclubs for when you have had a long week and just need to sit back and unwind.

If you were to ask me my thoughts of this experience I would just say to you I am so glad i chose to be here as so far it is the best choice I have made.

Charles Winters

Yale University Review

I am a student at Yale University and am now in my final year of my course so I thought it might benefit potential students if I gave my opinion of what it is really like here at Yale.

Yale University for me is the best in the US and I do not say this out of lack of experience as I have travelled to many of the so called best over the years and have never found better than Yale.

The University offers a wide array of courses that are taught by the finest tutors money can buy. The tutors are always very helpful and frequently offer free out of hour’s tuition to those students who require it.

I also love the sports facilities that are always on offer such as the running track and swimming pool and I have spent many hours during the past four years using them.

All the students in general are also very friendly and I have made some friends here that I will of course keep for life.

If you want the best experience of your life then I would say go to Yale and you will not in any way, shape or form be disappointed

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