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Kiss FM
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4 Winsley Street

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Lucy Town

Kiss FM is possibly the best radio station ever, I don’t think a day has ever gone by when Kiss FM play rubbish music, they always provide good dance music.

Kiss FM don’t just play one type of music they play all different types such as House, Dance, RnB, Dubstep, Pop, basically anything good and relevant.

I think by Kiss FM playing all different types of music it gives them an advantage on all over radio stations because its different which makes it better. My favorite show is probably the Ricky, Melvin And Charlie Show just because they play such good music and do lots of competitions such as winning tickets to festivals or concerts.

John Gollams

I have been an avid fan of Kiss FM for many a year as being a truck driver I listen to the radio virtually all day and out of all of the stations available to me Kiss FM is by far the most entertaining.

I love their morning show by Clara and Justin and the afternoon show with AJ and Neev is not bad either. Kiss FM always puts a smile on my face and makes the travelling that more bearable. I would like to thank Kiss FM for giving me endless entertainment and music throughout the day and without you I think my days would be less interesting. Thanks again

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