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Amber Dowler

I got my new LG 42″ Television from the Richer Sounds website and found them to be very good indeed in every aspect from taking the order to delivery.

The television itself is lovely and looks really good in my living room and the picture quality is absolutely stunning in every way and takes full advantage of the sky 3d television channels.

watching the football in 3D is one of the most strange experiences ever the first time you watch it but once you become accustomed to it it is so good as it makes you feel like you are actually in the crowd.

I also like the USB feature so I can view videos from my flash drive which is very beneficial if I have something I want to watch that is not in DVD format.

Great television, Great service, Great price all equals Brilliant Richer Sounds

Vincent Houseman

Product I would like to review is a Denon DM38DAB hifi which was priced at a fantastic £159.95 from the Richer Sounds website.

When I first received my stereo after ordering it I was at first a little disappointed as it did not look like much but after using it for an hour or so I really changed my tune as it is absolutely fantastic.

The sound quality of this little stereo is out of this world and is one of the loudest systems I have ever heard.

I also really like the programmable graphic equalizer as I can set all of my levels how I want and the memory remembers them all perfectly.

The radio is very clear indeed and there is virtually no interference at all which is really good considering the area I live in.

Overall I am so happy with the stereo and it is more than worth every penny.

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