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Dolphin Music
Venture Point West
70-72 Evans Road
L24 9PB

0844 815 0888

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William Stonter

Dolphin Music Review

I have been a dj now for over twenty years and as I am from Liverpool I have always used Dolphin Music for all my sound engineering requirements. They have always given me everything I could need at a fraction of the price I could find it elsewhere.

The latest piece of equipment I purchased from them was an Allen Heath ZED R16 Mixing Desk which I had been after for some time but could never afford until now and when I got it was I disappointed, no I was not.

The mixing desk is like something out of a star trek movie and so futuristic and since I have had it I have been able to acheive things that I never thought possible until I got it and it has changed the way I work so much for the better. The staff in the shop were also very helpful in showing me all of the basic finctions before I had mine as they had a demo version in the shop so right from the word go I could see just how powerful the mixing desk was.

I have had it now for about eight months and it has changed my life so I would like to thank the guys at Dolphin Music for giving me such a great recommendation and your knowledge has paid of considerably for me and I cannot thank you enough.

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