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Miles Gardener

I recently purchased a new suit from the Topman website and found the whole experience to be very good.

The suit turned up in good time and fit me perfectly and actually looked much better on me than I thought it would.

The suit looks good without the waistcoat ot with it which is good for when I want to change it up.

Paid £215 for the suit but am more than happy with it and the service so would definitely recommend Topman.

Gregory Thomas

As I was in need of some new shoes I took a walk into town last week and visited several shops but found that most of the shoes were very cheap and not the best quality so as a last resort as I had never been in there before I decided to go to my local Topman store.

I seemed to have the idea that Topman was a budget shop for some reason so I was nicely surprised when I walked in there and looked at their shoe section as they had so many lovely pairs I knew it was going to be a struggle to choose the right ones.

After around thirty minutes I decided on a pair of Hudson Tournon Shoes which was priced at £185 which I thought was very good for a pair of Hudson shoes and having had some before a few years back I knew exactly what I would be getting.

Very happy indeed with my whole experience of Topman and will be back again soon without fail.

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